Saturday, February 26, 2011

REALLY, Mom, POKEY Made Me Do It!

I received many blessings on my recent trip to California - and I am still receiving them!  As I have mentioned before, within an hour of landing in Ontario, Larry and Pokey had me in a Joann's store.  It was here where I saw my first glimpse into Pokey's heart.  As she was checking out, she asked me if I had a "green" Joann's bag.  I did not, so she let me pick out one and bought it for me. 

On our last day together, we did a little shopping and site-seeing.  Our first stop was L & M Fabrics.  Almost as soon as we entered, I saw a fabric I had seen years ago in a boutique in Illinois - and I loved!  I did not buy it (I wasn't sure Bernie would approve  :/ ).  We spent some time in the store before Pokey was ready to check out.   When we returned home, she had purchased some of that fabric for me, a ruler, and some other beautiful fabric.  A giving heart . . .

Today, I put the fabric on two pillowcases for my sister and Mom - Mom just got out of the hospital yesterday and I am going to see her on Monday.  Yes, Mom . . .  Pokey made me do it!!!!
Pokey also encouraged me to make Valentine bookmarkers for ladies at church . . .
(Mine weren't as cute as hers!)

One of the most special blessings has been her phone calls.  If she ever thinks I am having a tough time, my phone will ring and we will talk and talk.  Pokey has a very giving and loving spirit and it is balm to the soul.   Proverbs 27:17 . . .  Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

P.S.  If that verse is not right . . . it is partially because I have literally typed this post 16 times!!!!!  My computer keeps going out and I have to re-type it!  The only way it is this far is I am saving it often!

P.S.S.  Yes, I hate blogging (as tears are being wiped away).

P.S.S.S.  Hey, Erika and Linda - I have pics this time!!!!!!

Friends who care . . . now that is Shappy Living!!

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  1. Friends who care read another friend's blog posts once in a while! Honestly, Norma, you give me too much credit.
    I'm sorry I missed this post from days ago. I've been explaining to others over the emails that Larry is doing a lot of ministry freelance work, and I'm barely on the computer at all! My google reader is over 1000 unread posts AGAIN. It's okay, I just keep sewing and getting other things done.
    I think your pillowcases are super! I'm glad they made your Momma happy (even if I do not look like she remembers me from 36 years ago, lol)

    many hugs to you, my friend in Jesus! pokey, your irony friend *vbg*