Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Year Ago . . .

this week, I flew to Tennessee for the first visit with our "married" daughter, Melodie. Since I have always given Josh Leathers such a rough time, I suppose that it is time I tell what I really think about him.

Since he is four years younger than Melodie, I began praying for him WAY before he was even born. I prayed for his parents to teach him right things and to raise him for God. I prayed for him to do well in school and to be saved at a young age. I prayed that he would be exactly what Melodie needed and that they would both know God's will in their lives.

I remember the first time Melodie (at age 21) called to tell us about Josh. "Mom, he is SOOO mature . . ." I replied, "Melodie, how old did you say he is? Seventeen? And his birthday was less than 5 months ago?"

We made a trip to meet Josh in February of that year - we went to Cracker Barrel - Josh's favorite?!?!?! He was a very proper gentleman, and we could see why Melodie liked him. He was very respectful to her and understanding of her "ways". He was even kind when she drove his truck all the way to church in the wrong gear!

Then, when our Pastor first met him, he told me, "Norma, let him stay at college for four years and he will be a wonderful husband." At that, I trusted Him to do His will in their lives.

The first time Josh came to Detroit, Sunday afternoon found Josh and me sitting outside talking while everyone else in the family took naps. I don't think you should just leave a guest and go take a nap, so we talked and talked. He is a talker (I don't know anyone else like that!)

I love to tease Josh (cumberbund!!), but Josh has been perfect for our Melodie. He protects her and guides her in the right ways. Even though he took her away from us, we know she is okay as long as he is with her. He has also been a counselor to us at times - he does have wisdom beyond his years.

It is uncanny how their lives memic our early married days, and it is refreshing to see! May they have may more years together . . .

Now that's Shappy Living!

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