Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Importance of Words

I have always heard to watch what you say, but the first time I REALLY understood the power of words was after my second daughter was born.

Our pastor at the time had 4 boys, and he loved our first daughter, Melodie. I had been his secretary for 5 years and right before Anna was born, he took another church and was leaving Michigan. The last 3 days before he left, I was in the hospital with Anna. He told me that he and his wife would come to see the baby and me before they left Michigan. They came up on Sunday afternoon and as we were looking at the new baby, he said words to me that I have never forgotten. OH, THE POWER OF WORDS!

I was reminded of this story today as I arrived at work. A coworker came to me first thing and told me that she was praying this morning. Then she said something so unexpected that I thought again, OH, THE POWER OF WORDS.

Our words can tear down people or build them up. Regardless of which way you use our words, some words will never be forgotten.

Anna is 24 years old now and I still remember those kind words . . .
I don't believe I will ever forgot the words said to me today . . .

Who have you encouraged today? Did you say something that was not encouraging to another person?

Remember Thumper's famous quote . . . "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all!"

Now, that's Shappy Living!

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  1. Quoting that famous philosopher Thumper; he was such a wise lil' bunny!