Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have a Happy Lunch . . .

I have an hour lunch at work.  Since Bernie and I normally ride together to work, I can't go anywhere special.  I started walking for 30 minutes on my lunch hour when I went full time a few years ago.  Then, I switched the time of my lunch and started walking with Joleen every day . . . unless it is raining, extremely cold, or slippery. 

Last year, we had a snow ball fight with 2 other ladies.  We were on opposite sides of the street - then a police car came by . . . they stopped and we made them smile.  After we got back one day, I decided to stay and make a snow bunny or two.  The next day, I added some babies, and every day for a few days, they "multiplied".  It was so fun to see the people leaving work, look at the bunnies and smile or laugh. 

Although this year, we have had a LOT of snow, it has not been a good packing snow . . . until last week.  After my walk, I stayed and made 11 adult snow bunnies and put them on the bench outside our building.  I was surprised how many people walked on by and did not notice them.  Then, I began hearing stories of people in the elevator talking about them, and others taking pictures of them.  One day, three of them were moved off the bench and put up on the ledge.  It looked as if someone needed to sit on the bench. 

It became "warm" here last week . . .  and the bunnies melted.  But ALAS!  We got another 7-9 inches Sunday and it LOOKED like a good packing snow.  So, yesterday, Joleen brought items to make a snowman.  We put him in the flower/tree box area and we made him laying down (since the snow did not pack well).  He is really cute . . .  the new snow bunnies would not pack well, so he lays alone in the box.  .  Again, we see people smile as they walk by.

Yesterday, after we made our snowman, my director asked me where we made the snowman.  I told her at the front entrance . . . she said, "I wished it was where I could see it from my office."  Then I got to thinking . . . and I enlisted Joleen and Savita's help.  I noticed that the building across from the office was vacant and the parking lot had a LOT of snow that was not plowed.  My plan began . . .

Today, at lunch the 3 Musketeers headed outdoors.  On the way, we grabbed some branches.  I brought Jell-O.  We "stomped" the shape of a snowman (total length about 10 or so yards) in the snow.  You know . . . snow line on the bottom, a large circle, medium circle, head circle, and hat - like a cornfield.  We placed the sticks for arms and spread the Jell-O for the scarf.  We stomped and stomped the face, buttons, etc.  Then we went into the building to look at our handiwork.

In the elevator, we met the maintenance man who had pictures of ALL our creations on his cell phone!  We showed our director and her boss the snowman and it looks GREAT from the 5th floor!  The entire suite loved the snowman and there were smiles and laughs all afternoon.

Anna says we act like a bunch of elementary children . . . well, we all are children at heart!  Besides, I enjoy making people smile . . .

Shappy living is for us and OTHERS.  Live Happy and share it!


  1. Erika - I KNOW!!!! People there took pics, but my phone camera would not take one. I tried to get someone to send me one, but at 5 stories, it did not turn out . . . Erika would have had a camera WITH her!!!!!

  2. Love the multiplying snow bunnies. Best of all, love the happy smiles you gave to so many, including your 'cohorts' . . . and me

  3. I agree with Erika, where's the pictures?????