Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quote of the Day

Talking to Melodie today, she told me she blogs every day . . . do I HAVE to???? Anyway, at the hospital where I work, I send out a "Word of the Week / Thought of the Day" email every day to the workers in my suite. Today's quote was . . .
"Now that it is all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning?" Coleman Cox I began thinking . . . what did I do? In today's world, the written note is a thing of the past . . . I was able to send out six such notes. And last night, I made about 40 cards to file for later use. We all need to know what people think of us . . . that we are VERY important to someone. Tonight Bernie made a hospital visit . . . very refreshing to fill a need.

Now that's Shappy Living!

Take time today to do something that is important to someone else. Brother Hyles used to say . . . "Be nice to everyone, because everyone is having a tough time."

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  1. Thank you Norma!
    I had a principal that said to keep in mind, our worst day might be normal for a child in our class. I try to be a cause for a child to know they matter to the Lord, and to me.