Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Wonderful Mom

My mom turned 82 on Thursday.  I am not only blessed to still have her in my life, I am blessed to have had her for a mom for the last 50 some years.  I called her Thursday evening and she just wanted to talk and talk.  No, there was no spectacular news to discuss, just that her children had called her on her birthday.  She wanted to know how my children were and if there was anything new in my life.  Although she has never liked cats, everytime I talk to her she asks how Buffy is. 

I never get sick when I do not think about her.  Don't we all want our moms when we are ill?  Bernie always has to go get me Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, 7-Up, and sherbet.  Isn't that what Mom always gave me?

She loves her family so much, but once in a while, she will say something about one of us that just cracks us up.  Like when Anna had just had her hair cut.  The back was short and the style was to gel it and it stuck straight up.  Mom did not say anything at first, but when Melodie and Anna left to get groceries, she said, "I didn't know Anna drank - her hair looks like a drunken rooster!" 

She has always been so wise and intuitive.  She was always one step ahead of us no matter what we were doing at the time.  She was always game to do anything Dad wanted to do.  What memories we have of pushing a van out of a mudhole, driving on mountain tops, etc.! 

Dad and Mom are moving back to Illinois.  Why?  Family!! 

Now, that is Shappy Living!

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